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Moraine Olympiad winners!

Leaders at Moraine having fun!

Student at Moraine passes the torch at a school assembly.

Students at Moraine share popsicles on a sunny day.

Moraine students celebrate the warm weather.

Girls at Moraine share their findings.

Students at Moraine celebrate the end of the year.

Students at Moraine enjoy Camp Read-A-Lot.

Teachers at Moraine parading in the hallway.

Moraine students are leaders.

A student at Moraine celebrates

A student at Moraine passes the torch.

Girls having fun at a year end party.

Students and staff raise the flag at Moraine.

Students at Moraine love to read!

Three smiling friends enjoying the sunshine.

Girls at Moraine having fun outside.

Students at Moraine love their teachers!

Students at Moraine celebrate with the school mascot, a penguin.

Sharing a story with other students at Moraine.

Students at Moraine recite the pledge.

Students at Moraine showing off their cool glasses.

A teacher and her students being too cool for school!


March is Reading Month: Readers Are on the Right Track!

In celebration of March is Reading Month, Moraine Elementary will participate in a grade-level reading challenge. Our students will be challenged and encouraged to spend time reading outside of the school day for enjoyment and recording their time. A weekly tally will be kept and updates will be posted on the March is Reading Month bulletin board. Ready, set...READ!!

Moraine Elementary Annual Education Reports Available online. (AER)

Following the recent release of data from the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), we are pleased to present you with the Annual Education Report (AER) which provides key information on the 2015-16 educational progress for Northville Public Schools as a district, and at each of our schools. Click on the headline to access the Moraine Annual Education Report, the Moraine School Improvement Plan, and the NPS Annual Education Report.
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