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News from Moraine

MARCH IS READING MONTH!! Please see the separate listserv…so much to say it needs its own listserv!
OK2SAY/Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative Community Seminar This year we are offering a Community Seminar for parents on March 25 from 6:45-8:10 p.m. at Moraine's media center. This will take place during our PTA meeting which begins at 6:45 p.m. We will have a brief PTA meeting and the community seminar will follow starting at 7:00 p.m. The community seminar provides practical tools including Internet safety tips and how to: 1) access the Michigan Sex Offender Registry; 2) understand the impact of digital footprints; 3) appreciate the risk of sharing photos with embedded location information; 4) recognize the potential dangers and legal ramification of sexting; and 5) identify cyberbullying warning signs and develop a plan of action. This presentation will also cover what the students see in their respective presentations, as well as what OK2SAY is, and how it works.
Moraine is looking for coach/coaches to lead a spring Girls on the Run group. No experience needed, nor do you need to be a runner! Contact previous coach Kristine Dreyer with any questions at For more GOTR info go to:

Please see the attachment from Early Childhood Education & Extended Day Programs for registration for the 2019-2020 school year.
Kid’s Club no longer needs egg cartons…they have enough for their project. Thanks for your contributions!
A few important reminders for parent volunteers:
· As a Moraine volunteer you cannot discuss anything you learn about a child while you’re volunteering here. This includes behavior, teacher, what or how much a child eats, what kind or how much help a child receives, how a child is doing in class, or a student’s interactions with the teacher, principal, other staff members or other students.
· Taking photographs while volunteering is prohibited. No selfies, no photos of, or with your child, and no photos of groups of children, please. There are children at Moraine who should not be photographed. Inadvertently photographing these children may expose them to unintended consequences. Please do not take photos of children at Moraine unless you have been asked to take photographs and are working with the principal or office staff.
· The use of Personal social media at school is prohibited. Social media can expose children who should not be photographed to unintended consequences. Therefore we ask volunteers to refrain from personal social media use while at school.
A few notes about dismissal in the parking lot…
· We have recently rotated our parking lot staff. We are asking for your patience, please!
· Please make sure you use your nametag on your passenger side dashboard or window. New staff are still getting to know you!
· Please do not park anywhere except the designated parking spots.
· When waiting in line, please pull up as close as possible to the next car. This is really important for an efficient dismissal…which is something everyone wants!

Have a great weekend!

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