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Principal's Message

Welcome to Moraine!


It is with distinct pleasure that I welcome you to Moraine Elementary School. Our building is home to inspiring student leaders, a dedicated staff, and a community that is committed to a world-class education for every child. 


Moraine, like all Northville elementary schools, is a Steven Covey, The Leader in Me school.  The Leader in Me is an innovative, school-wide model that emphasizes a culture of student empowerment.  We help kids understand how powerful they are.  As a District we are extraordinarily proud of our efforts to raise the next generation of leaders.   Through The Leader in Me, we teach the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, engage in student goal setting, and work together for student success. 


Moraine was recognized as a The Leader in Me Lighthouse School in April of 2013, the third Lighthouse School in Michigan, and the 46th in the world.  Our sister school, Silver Springs Elementary, is also a Lighthouse school.  This prestigious title demonstrates that we have met or exceeded 144 best practice criteria. 


Historically Moraine has been the smallest Northville Elementary School with fewer than 500 students.  This small size allows us to know our community well.

Moraine is an inclusive community.  We find value in every child.  Everyone has something to contribute.  We strive to discover each child’s strength, and to help children find opportunities to participate in a leadership role.  We empower children to do as much as they can for themselves. 


Moraine is a friendly place.  People consistently report that Moraine’s staff is comfortable, accessible, approachable, and friendly.  We like people, and we like children.  It shows.  We admit that sometimes children can be mean to each other, sometimes they have disagreements, and sometimes they make poor choices.  When this happens we investigate swiftly and act decisively.  We work hard to create an environment where everyone is kind, safe, and responsible.


Children lead at Moraine.  You will see student leaders working in the office, assisting in the parking lot, assisting at lunch, helping in the bus lines, assisting at recess.  We work hard to give children a voice.


Moraine puts children first with a focus on building intrinsic motivation.  Moraine’s staff members are steadfastly committed to educating the whole child.  In discussions, decisions, and planning our bottom line is, as far as it depends on us, we strive to put children first in our decision making.  We strive to make sure every child has a personal connection to one adult in the building.  As principal I work hard to learn students’ names, and to know families.  We have a history of valuing practices that build intrinsic motivation in our learners.


Moraine cares.  Our care for our Moraine community and the larger community is evident in big and small ways.  We collect food for Civic Concern.  We pack meals for Kids Against Hunger at Gleaners Food Bank.  We send care packages and supportive letters to deployed soldiers.  These are just a few examples of how we care for each other and the broader community. 


Please know that as principal you can count on me for the following:
• You can count on me to continue to support The Leader in Me and student leadership
• You can count on me for honest, respectful communication
• You can count on me to demonstrate fairness and confidentiality. I will never speak to you about any child but your own.
• You can count on me to be a presence in classrooms, observing teaching and learning.
• You can count on me to put safety first.
• You can count on me to know your child.


I will count on you to:
• I will count on you to take advantage of opportunities to learn about school and what we do each day.
• I will count on you to read what comes home from school, and respond in a timely manner.
• I will count on you to monitor your child’s attendance and ensure your children get to school on time.
• I will count on you to work closely with your child’s teacher to support your child’s learning at home.
• I will count on you to protect the confidentiality of all children by asking for information only about your own child.
• I will count on you to make an appointment if you need to see the teacher or me.


It is my privilege to be principal of Moraine Elementary school and an honor to get to know your family. Thank you for the opportunity to help your children grow as learners and leaders.




Joe Reimann

Principal, Moraine Elementary School

Welcome new and returning families to Moraine!