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Buck Wilder is coming to Moraine!

On January 25, the author, Tim Smith ("Buck Wilder") is coming to Moraine! He will be doing assemblies for grades K-5 on his award-winning "Buck Wilder" series. His books follow an outdoor/nature theme and are inspired by his love for fishing, hiking, camping, boating, and animals.

"Buck Wilder presents a motivational and entertaining presentation that inspires students to read, write, use their imaginations, and most importantly believe in themselves. Tim Smith, author of the Buck Wilder series, shares his knowledge of how he became an author and how much fun it is to try something new...even when others laugh at you."

Your child's teacher will be sending home book order forms if you'd like to order any "Buck Wilder" books. Tim Smith ("Buck Wilder") will autograph your child's book(s) if you choose to order any. Book orders are due Monday, January 23.

On the day of the assembly, your child is invited to participate in "Buck Wilder and the Great Outdoors Day". They may wear any outdoor gear such as hiking gear, fishing hats, camouflage, or other outdoor clothing!